On most modern cars set of lead-acid batteries. This is due to their relatively low cost, ease of use, reliability, frost and other factors. The battery is composed of 6 separated from each other batteries. Each "slot" produces 2B. On average, the battery is 2 to 5 years. The service life depends on battery care. Battery terminals are often covered corrosive coating, white or green. This can lead to a breach of Dielectric contact. Sonny Perdue contains valuable tech resources.

What would prevent his education on terminal must wear antisulfatnye washers. To eliminate this fault have a sharp object to remove sulfate crystals, clear out the battery terminals and lugs. Remove contaminants from the top of the battery, it can be done easily with a brush, not metal, to avoid short circuit. Before installing the terminals should be put on antisulfatnye washer or apply a coat of grease after installation tips should also lubricate them, because sulfation does not occur without the air. For more information see Costco. It should be very carefully monitor the level and density of electrolyte in the battery, when laid bare plates on them will be formed remedied sulfate, which will lead to a drop in battery power, and high content of acid will harm an active mass of the battery. The electrolyte level should be 1 cm. above the plates, if it is not enough, you must fill with distilled water.

The battery must always be charged, the charge can be checked krutanuv engine starter, if not cool or twists slightly, the battery requires recharging. The frequency of servicing the battery depends on the operating conditions, the more often the battery is in operation, and the higher the temperature outside, the less need the intervals between maintenance. When driving should follow the ammeter reading. To charge battery chargers are available ustroystra that convert ac 220V to dc voltage with an approximate 14-16B. Why with an estimated? In while the charge current and voltage vary depending on the battery charge. Normal charge time – 8 hours. Recommended for many battery charging mode: voltage 14.1-14.2V, the current strength – 0.1s. Where "C" battery capacity. When charge is necessary to open the lid for easy exit of gases, as necessary to monitor the temperature of the battery – at 45 C, the charge should be immediately discontinued. Especially strictly enforce rules charging for maintenance of the gel battery. Devices for battery maintenance are necessary in every garage. When servicing the battery is necessary to observe safety rules. All manipulations with the acid should be done with glasses and gloves. When mixing the electrolyte should pour acid into water receptacles shall be of not reacting with acid substances. Ideal – glass. If you are not operating the vehicle in the winter, the best solution to be asked to enter the battery home, it will save it from being damaged by frost. But still, sometimes it needs to be recharged. When you perform these simple requirements your battery will last for many years.

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