InterRed introduces the greatly enhanced and existing in the same content management and editorial system table designer. InterRed introduces the greatly enhanced and existing in the same content management and editorial system table designer. In addition to a much simpler handling, especially the new interface and a variety of additional functions provide a significant added value – both for the creation of print and online publications. Table Designer optimizes: ease of use, many features, new surface of the table designer is used within the browser-based content management and publishing system InterRed a table to create and edit. Thereby the user between two possibilities can choose: either to create a completely separate table, or “copy & paste” to copy entire tables from programs such as Microsoft Office (Excel, Word) or OpenOffice (Calc). When the latter possibility, already merged cells, be acquired links, as well as paragraph and character styles and can in InterRed are used.

Also in the construction of a completely new table directly in InterRed there are numerous improvements. Here, the operation known from programs such as Microsoft Excel helps to be able to handle different functions easier and faster. Include among others inserting rows and columns, gradual undo/redo, the sizing of cells by dragging the mouse, the selection of full columns or rows, multiple selection and the connect and disconnect of cells. Also the formatting of individual elements within a table with WYSIWYG features (“what you see is What You Get”) has been improved. All this makes possible the new and greatly improved interface (GUI) of the table designer.

Excel connectivity in addition the table Wizard integrated also in InterRed helps the user table Wizard importing data from external sources and in the media-neutral processing of this content in table form. Without programming skills, and each is given for editors Steps to create database queries and thus to generate tables. This can be applied either statically or dynamically according to the “linking-& embedding” principle. So, for example, quarterly sales figures can be applied once static, the address database in the intranet but dynamic, and thus always up to date. Via a bi-directional interface to Microsoft Excel, the table Wizard also allows data transfer between InterRed and Excel in both directions. Table contents from InterRed can be processed into Excel and then again transferred to InterRed. The table Wizard offers all possibilities in combination with the new, extensive capabilities of the table designer, expect the users of a professional table handling within a media-neutral content management and content management system. The new table designer is available in version 13 for InterRed.

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