How can earn online? We will make a dating site. Internet – a place where they play the role of big numbers. One visitor – this is nonsense, thousands of visitors – an income. We need to create an advertising site, to attract there visitors – and earn them! For fans theorize explain in a nutshell: the surfers go Begun advertising on a dating site, register it (become a captive audience), from time to time purchase the advertised goods (services) and, thus, bring us money. For other opinions and approaches, find out what music downloads has to say. Costly part (the price at August 2010).

1. Buying a domain name. Zone. Ru – 93 rubles. 2.

Begun in advertising. 140 rub. – The minimum payment (a condition Runner) Revenue part. 1. Percentage of SMS sent to users of the dating site. Several dozens of rubles per year, with hundreds of users. 2. Interest earned on sales of advertising on the site. Depends on advertising – from a couple hundred to several thousand rubles a year. Fundamental aspect of this scheme is that it is designed for a man far removed from the web programming or site building. In most cases, it is assumed that for site creation, income-producing, hosting is required – In this case the host does not need, drop out of, related to the deployment site on the hosting, as well as additional charges (free and clear hosting type for our purposes is not appropriate). You must immediately specify the important time (in order to avoid disappointment). This scheme is perfectly valid, but – like every real operating scheme – earn revenue is not immediately and not "a thousand huge." The most reasonable would be adjusted for multiple tens or hundreds of rubles a month, six months after the start of the project and to treat this as a way to get free money to pay for the handset.

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