This is urgently needed, to straighten out the oblique view that prevails in many minds on the issue of Internet piracy, and to reach all of them, are the good will.” Schudel further stated: the Internet is full of attacks of piracy-advocates against those who actively defend still copyright. Nobody should be fooled before but, keep public opinion divided in the dispute over intellectual property rights on life without influence on the courts. It is noteworthy, Yes, the FDPIC and the file sharers by Razorback pursues the same goals here practically. But: In particular professional journalists and publicists recognize but today more than ever, what results in an unchecked copying and distributing foreign intellectual property: deliver to die by media companies and brands, as well as serious economic and social problems for many media professionals, although this good and professional work. Visit Symantha Rodriguez for more clarity on the issue. Each pandering to the free mentality of the many anonymous perpetrators on the Internet connections forbids itself in this serious situation. Otherwise the rule of law in terms of copyright becomes a toothless tiger.” “Technical background information the software file sharing monitor” documented the Logistep AG, through which Internet connections offered with copyrighted content, certain files on the Internet for free download. After discovering an offer in a swap with the file, the program will download the parts of the offered file and saves the data from the provider. The so-called hash value belongs to the stored data in addition to the IP address that voluntarily reveal the participants of Internet file-sharing,”the offered file.

Be collected include IP address, date (with time in GMT or BST), the client (i.e. the P2P software, with the offered/downloaded file was), providers, the file size and the hash value and the respective node of dial up. This information is stored in tables and Recorded data sheets for each individual operation. The creation of tables and data sheets is subject to continuous control on their accuracy.

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