ETRON VideoJournal – additional quality assurance for all payment operations and ETRON POSblitz! -the digital poster directly at the point of sale-normal video surveillance serves mainly theft prevention or alarm the guard for irregularities. The ETRON VideoJournal connects footage in addition to the cash journal, allowing for precise maps of the images in question situations. So each trader can understand quickly and easily such as all Exchange operations of a period. Post-alarm images can also already be redirected to your Smartphone or automatically appear on the screens of certain jobs. ETRON POSblitz! the digital poster directly at the point of sale-70% of all buying decisions are made at the POS (point of sale).

With POSblitz! be achieved quickly and target customers. Using Internet connection the merchant can update time-controlled the screen and over Internet for all sites. With a standard hardware, it is possible to also Ads or image ads to record by suppliers. In the delivery or as eye catchers in the cashier as product promotions such as sales or special promotions can be promoted particularly well and cost-effectively. ETRON software specialist for the retailers of ETRON is the specialist for inventory control and POS systems in SMEs (small and medium-sized trading company) for over 20 years for over 20 years. The references include over 2,000 installations in more than 40 different retail sectors.

Individual solution concepts are created and also an extensive training program offered by the small up to large branch offices with over 100 locations. In addition to ERP ETRON offers also Web shop solutions and professional email marketing customers. Markus Zoglauer of ETRON: customer loyalty is the most important asset for any business! And each individual sales can automatically be used for marketing purposes. Thus, every action is even more efficient. This potential should all dealers use.” More info on: Jutta Wallner

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