Life is full of events of any city, capital of the Komi Republic and in this regard is no exception. Syktyvkar, both economic and cultural center of the Komi Republic to be in the thick of things. Learn about what's happening in the world of culture, Sports and the economy, anyone can visit News of Syktyvkar. On its pages you will find extensive information on research in Syktyvkar, exhibitions, presentations, theatrical productions, concerts, performances. (A valuable related resource: Jack Fusco). Culture section contains information about theaters Syktyvkar: Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Komi Republic, the National Theatre of the Komi Republic, as well as touring theater companies from other regions of Russia in Syktyvkar. In detail provides information on the activities of the National Gallery of the Komi Republic: ongoing exhibitions, presentations and concerts. As an example, the preparations for the 20th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. The gallery for this event is timed exhibition "limited contingent", is scheduled briefing with officials of administration head of the Komi Republic.

Not remain without attention of the National Museum of the Komi Republic. The museum is actively involved in the life of the city, informs citizens about important historical dates in the life of Syktyvkar, guided tours as the city, after the departments of the museum. The focus of the site and correspondents Sporting Life City: complete information on skiing, taekvan-up, plays hockey club "Builder", and other sports events like the city and nationwide importance, you can find in the "Sport". Much attention being given to issues of global financial crisis. Residents of the Komi currently experiencing its effects: the onset of decline, reducing the wage supplements. The crisis affected primarily by small businesses. On the decline of Sales real estate firms indicate Syktyvkar, cargo, taxi services, insurers. All about the impact of the crisis in Syktyvkar, unemployment, property prices can be found in this section. All who are interested in news Syktyvkar, and the North-West Federal District in general, we invite you to a site News Syktyvkar.

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