Petersburg. Place for the university was determined also on a hill between the current regional hospital and the barracks of the former Mechnikov Simferopol regiment. And as a band he managed to get … Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself. Russian ambassador in Vienna, Andrei Razumovsky reported: “I wanted to I send to you first pianist and one of the best composers in Germany, the name of Mozart. He is unhappy with their situation here and willingly undertook the journey to. ” But to come to Vienna LOTS virtuoso prevent illness, during which he (by the way, at the request of one of the boxes) quickly wrote “The Magic Flute” – opera, rich Masonic ideas.

New Jerusalem? According to historian Catherine favorite Little Russia saw some subgosudarstvom, the transition between the Russian Empire and the new Byzantium, they wanted to Catherine revive under “Greek project”, developed in royal corridors. – It’s no longer in doubt – he is convinced. – It is interesting that the whole system is shown in the Plan expanded to the south. And even on the memorial brass Catherine with her hand pointing in the direction of the Byzantine Empire, which she planned to win. Thus, the city bears the features of the geopolitical situation that prevailed in 1780-th year. This contradicts the only one “but.” By the day of the bookmark Ekaterinoslav May 9, 1787 Potemkin empress devoted a verse: “Of the dead, building stones razbrosannyya Twomey follow the divine voice in a pleasant light system will make new Athens” (but not Constantinople).

– Idea the city was like that. Of dead stones, which remained from previous eras, a city on the hill-standard. By the way, this is directly pointed at himself His Highness, “Inscription of Ekaterinoslav” on October 6, 1786: ‘… then all the conditions to construction of ‘ideal’ city – a control center in the south of the processes of colonization of the empire … a sign that the country And this from the steppes of your cares bezplodnyh transformed into a rich Vertograd of dwelling animals in suitable shelter for people from all over the current ‘. – This is purely Masonic idea, – says Max E., – were developed with the Renaissance. The Ideal City and looking for Thomas More (a utopian island) and Campanella (City of The sun). Our idea of cities emerged at the junction of the two search paths: urban development and cultural, as the embodiment of “Greek Project”. However, the reference to the ancient Greek polis, to whom planned to be likened to the central part of the city, was also false. “Urban demiurge” with his one eye looked much further. There are hints that he planned to build the Dnieper … the new Jerusalem. – One way or another, but the mystery of the city’s founding until unsolved. And no rationalistic explanation of why 30 thousand people are scheduled to settle on the mountain, on which there is no water, do not hold, – the local historian. – Potemkin was a great visionary, ahead of its time for centuries.

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