In other words, must either defend the notorious theory or creation of the universe to recognize some of the Universal Mind premeditated program, agreed to detail. It is to this conclusion in the middle of last century came some scholars have proclaimed the anthropic principle: the universe even before his birth has been programmed for the emergence of the substance, living material and reasonable beings. In "Revelations of the New Age people," which the Creator gives people across the academician LI Maslow says, "In the beginning was thought! … Scientists, fascinated by the idea to know the cause of the Big Bang would have to understand that the reason or early start was not an explosion, and the pulse energy of the Creator! ". Academician GI Spines, the creator of the theory of physical vacuum and torsion fields writes: "At the highest level of reality plays a crucial role 'primary consciousness' that serves as the active ingredient – and God is not verifiable analytical description. ..

And without any exaggeration Absolute 'Nothing' can be given the status of the Creator or the Creator, because everything starts with him … And it does not matter Nothing works, and plans-plans. " In line with the anthropic principle birth of the universe, according to a new hypothesis, there was also the critical point, but in contrast to the Big Bang theory there was nothing physical, neither matter nor energy. Nothing but laid it ideal laws of the future Universe ("plans and designs" of God or "the pulse energy of the Creator"). This point of white space scientists call the hole. Back in the 60s of last century the famous Russian astrophysicist, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences NA Kozyrev suggested (and not without reason) that parallel our universe and other universes exist, and that the relationship between them by means of tunnels, which are black and white space holes. On black holes in our universe goes into a parallel world of matter and white holes in them coming to us energy. Orthodox scientific world, this assumption is considered nonsense adventurer.

Today, the ratio of the genius Kozyrev's hypothesis otherwise. Perhaps some of us are more familiar with the name of the black hole than the white. In any case it is necessary to know these amazing phenomena of the cosmos, allowing to understand the birth process the physical universe. Since black holes are more familiar with science than whites to get acquainted with the first black holes, cosmic. When you understand them, we can understand how a white hole of our universe was born. Source – Research Website Esotericism

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