HOW TO PLACE PRODUCTS IN THE REFRIGERATOR Store food in preserving the freshness of the packages (in the film), or tightly cover the dish with a lid with food, that food does not dry out and do not evolve. This preserves flavor color, moisture and freshness and to avoid the transfer of taste from one product to another. Only fruits, vegetables and salads should be stored in bulk in a container for fruit and vegetables. Speaking candidly The Beatles told us the story. To save energy, let hot food cool to room temperature before loading it in the refrigerator. Prepared dishes and raw foods should be stored separately. We should not lay too much food close to each other – should be left between them enough space for circulation of cold air. It is recommended to keep food in small portions.

Washing vegetables or fruit, let them dry before putting in the refrigerator. Do not store in the refrigerator tropical fruits such as bananas and pineapples. Do not store in the refrigerator products with stringent requirements for the storage temperature, such as blood serum, the bactericidal vaccine samples for scientific research, etc. Bottles or other containers with spirits should be sealed and stored in an upright position. FREEZING AND STORAGE When loading or removing the products open the door freezer possible for a short time. The less time the door is open, the less ice forms on lattices of the freezer. WHEN BUYING FROZEN PRODUCTS PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: – check the packaging: it should not be damaged – check the shelf life it should not be in arrears – an indicator of temperature in the freezer store should indicate a temperature no higher than -18 C.

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