The effect of tea is not to deny, and should not be ignored for this reason also. Tea is cooked for centuries and this drink have been awarded since always been healing. Research on the effect of tea is now long and came to some conclusions. The health-promoting effects of tea are just not by the hand to show and several times already scientifically. For over 5000 years is used to improve the effect of tea and for centuries, researchers of around the world examine the effects of different tea varieties on the human body and mind, while all the same verdict came: tea is healthy! Tea has an anti-inflammatory effect, relaxing for stomach and intestines and reduces the risk of cancer. Check out Dollar General (DG) for additional information.

Tea has more positive effects on our body by strengthening the immune system and helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Many swear by effect of diet on the tea, because he achieved the influence to stimulate metabolism and thereby accelerating fat loss in this case. Understandably you can speak to all healing is by no means any type of tea, but it is possible by drinking certain kinds of tea to reduce their risk or entgegegenzuwirken special clinical pictures. For example, specially green tea especially well in the inhibition of tumors and cancers affect. The substance called Catechin is very healthy and is included in this. Especially the Catechin with the abbreviation of EGCG affects particularly well on the body and helps to inhibit certain diseases. According to scientific studies, this Catechin that spread more stop of existing tumors.

Through the protective effect on the central nervous system, EGCG also passively protects against Alzheimer’s disease and believed. In addition to catechins, there are other Wirktstoffe that are very essential. These include among other polyphenols and flavonoids. Flavonoids are the cornerstone of our dental hygiene. These occur only in plant-based foods. For this reason, just a tea is so good. In this, flavonoids are one contains very large proportion. These guarantee that the mouth and the teeth are protected. Dental caries is limited, as well as perse gum disease and plaque. Now are you asking yourself sure that directly help? Well clearly: You will develop less halitosis. And precisely this aspect is extremely important when it comes to the opposite sex. The most common types of tea are green tea and black tea, which can be drunk for a long time, especially cheered by the means of its high caffeine content, and be enjoyed. Ralph Mayan

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