Medical tourism and hair transplants in Turkey Turkey: Turkey is the only country in the world which is situated on two continents. Where only about 3% are located on Europe and the remaining 97% on Asia. Turkey and the mega city of Istanbul are separated off by the famous Bosphorus. The Strait between the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea. Total Turkey houses over 70 million inhabitants, is therefore seen by the population, almost exactly the size of Germany. If you look at the area Turkey is even much bigger than Germany. The “unofficial” Turkish capital of Istanbul is Istanbul, medical tourism, and hair transplantation of Turkey the bronze medal among the largest cities in the world.

With an estimated 15 million people Istanbul is also vivid and vibrant city of Turkey by a wide margin the largest and most definitely. In recent years, a special industry in Istanbul has evolved enormously. This is the Medical tourism and health tourism. Istanbul has blossomed in the relationship to a proper metropolis for medical tourists. So, for example many foreigners for the modern FUE hair transplant Turkey come travelled.

This hair transplant technique is now used in Turkey for many years and has many advantages for the patients with. When an FUE hair transplant Turkey Istanbul no elongated skin Strip must be removed to get the hair transplants for hair transplant. Now, the hair with a hair transplant Turkey be removed individually, one at a time. The back of the head and the pages serve as donor area, because the hair is resistant to failure. Many people who previously not have have dared perform a take Turkey, take the step now because more leaving no scar. This has been a very important and large step in the field of hair surgery. A hair transplant without scar. But before you a hair transplant Turkey can undergo, you should rest assured they ever suffer any kind of hair loss. Because this fact is crucial for the suitability of a patient for a hair transplant in Turkey. What kind can hair loss be treated with a hair transplant? The so called androgenetic alopecia is the most common form of hair loss. In colloquial language the way carries the adjectives as due to hereditary, genetic, anlagebedingt, family-related, etc. In this type, the hair roots wither away because they are sensitive to a specific hormone. And this extreme sensitivity is been inherited or been inherited by the person concerned. This form of hair loss is also the only one that can be treated with an FUE hair transplant Turkey. Therefore leave due to illness, stress-related and hormone-related causes. Also the circular hair loss can not be treated with a hair transplant in Turkey. Costs: The costs or prices a hair transplant Turkey are generally lower than in many other countries, since wages, rent, and fixed costs are generally lower. It is this fact, that foreign patients have the opportunity to win back their hair without having to pay the equivalent of a small car.

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