To also observe the main subjects that permeiam histories, as well as, the messages transmitted for the same one. Word-key: Infanto-youthful, playful literature, personage, imaginary, freedom. 1.INTRODUO In this article will be developed an analysis of the workmanship ‘ ‘ The horse transparente’ ‘ of Sylvia Orthof, that counts the history of a Cigana that sees the things through the letters and needs to recoup a mysterious glass that is disappeared. In this workmanship the question of the playful one will be verified, when manifest it if and as it influence the small reader.

The book speaks on the perseverance of the Cigana in continuing looking the glass until finding it, without never giving up. 2.BIOGRAFIA OF SYLVIA ORTHOF Sylvia Orthof was born in Rio De Janeiro in 1932, and there same it faleceu in 1997. It adored to be Carioca. It studied theater, mimic and drawing in Paris and when returning for Brazil, made of everything in the dramatical arts: it wrote, it directed, it made scenes and figurinos and as much other activities. While one dedicated of body and soul to the theater, Ruth invited it to Rock she convinced and it to write infantile texts. In the start, it found that it would not go to obtain, but that nothing! It caught taste and it wrote 120 books more than. Many of them had been awardees with prizes importantssimos, also the Jabuti. Son of a couple of Austrian Jews that left Vienna between the two wars, to search peace and work.

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