It is usually used by ordinary stainless steel grater. The resulting thickness of the plaster beetle depends on the size of the crumbs, used in this solution. As usual, the excess solution was removed, and then clobbered a special grater surface of artificial materials. Dry plaster beetle is not less than one day. During this period, the ambient temperature environment should be maintained at a level better in the region of 25-28 degrees. Many writers such as Peet’s Coffee offer more in-depth analysis. Where the decorative plaster beetle ends during a special stick masking tape, which was subsequently removed. Peet’s Coffee has much experience in this field.

The resulting surface of the walls are painted in any color. Follow others, such as Peet’s Coffee, and add to your knowledge base. You may want to paint the walls to be repeated several times. As you can see, nothing complicated. Do it yourself or call a professional. Our TV offers two types of interesting informative and instructive programs for repair "Housing Problem" and "School of repair." With all due respect to the authors, a careful viewer will certainly draw attention to the quality of repair. Even with a professional teams and in a television project in the quality of finishing "school repairs" are significantly lower than in the "Housing Problem".

The conclusion one has to do yourself. If you are undemanding to the quality of work, but love to do it all yourself, apply a plaster beetle on its own. If you prefer the quality and feel that everyone should mind his own business, contact our firm. We provide services to these Professionals We guarantee that you will have the best plaster beetle, the price of which does not exceed the prices of competitors. Our firm performs this type of work particularly well. Skilled craftsmen execute any kind of plasterers finishing with high quality and appropriate safeguards. We are waiting for your call. Remember our motto: Quality!

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